Dewar flask diagram

Monte Carlo Simulation of a Down Hole Dewar Flask

A Dewar flask is used in the oil & gas industry to protect electronics from high temperatures experienced down hole.  As temperatures increase, reliability of electronic components decrease and ultimately fail. We will analyze a Dewar flask design using Monte Carlo simulation of time down hole before an internal flask temperature of 435 Kelvin is …

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Service business considerations

Service Business Considerations

A service business has special challenges compared to a product oriented business.  One of the primary considerations is scalability.  This article will cover service business considerations. A product related, capital intensive business can scale production via investments in automation, employees, contract workers, outsourcing via multiple suppliers and so on. A service business is more constrained …

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Low volume products

Low Volume Products

Low volume products (LVP) have extra challenges that have to be addressed to make the product successful.  In this article we will look at the major issues associated with LVPs. To qualify as an LVP depends on the product involved.  An annual production of 1,000 cars for specific model would no doubt be considered a …

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marketing strategies image

Marketing Strategies

In this article, we will look at various marketing strategies that can be employed for products and services. Having a well defined strategy allows for a more cohesive mix of products and services that work to complement each other.  Companies with a varied portfolio of products and services may have different marketing strategies that work …

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Financial structure image

Financial Structure

The financial structure of a company is the mix of financing types that are used to invest in resources and fund operations. Types of Financing Debt Financing Bring in new funds for investment and operating capital by borrowing.  Borrowing can take on many forms such as bank lending and bond issues.  The types of borrowing …

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