Input Correlation Methods in Simulation Master

In this article, we will discuss input correlation methods that can be used with Simulation Master.  In a previous article, we discussed why it is important to account for correlation among input random variables when performing Monte Carlo simulation. There are two input correlation methods available in Simulation Master: Rank order correlation Bivariate copulas Rank …

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Managing Excel Add-Ins

Managing Excel® add-ins is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  We’ll cover the details of how to do this, and if you’re managing add-ins on a regular basis, we’ll show how to add shortcuts to the process. Overview We’ll start with how to open the add-ins management form.  This can be done …

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Class imbalance - scale image

Handling Class Imbalance

Often data sets have classes that are not equally represented.  This class imbalance can be a source of frustration when you realize the accuracy of your first attempt at training a machine learning model simply reflects the percentage of the most common class.  Fortunately Vaimal has features that allow you ways to overcome class imbalance …

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