Mechanical Engineering

Worm Gear Forces

Calculating worm gear forces is necessary to determine bearing reactions and shaft loads.  Because of the sliding action between the worm and gear, friction plays a major role in a worm gear set’s efficiency. For this discussion, we assume the worm and gear shafts are 90 degrees apart and that the worm is driving the …

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Worm Gear Efficiency

Most gear types have efficiencies in a fairly tight range.  On the other hand, worm gear efficiency can vary greatly.  A large portion of losses in a worm gear set is due to the sliding friction between the worm and gear. The sliding friction is dependent on the worm lead angle, λ and the coefficient …

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Using the MEboost Shaft Design Tool

MEboost’s shaft design tool allows for comprehensive analysis of shaft designs.  The shaft design tool allows for the following analysis: Static stress. Deflection and slope. Stress life fatigue analysis for infinite life. Static and fatigue stress concentrations. Critical speed calculation. For more general information on shaft design, see shaft design considerations. Shaft Design Tool Coordinate …

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