Saving a Copy of a Risk Register

Simulation Master Tutorials> Saving a Copy of a Risk Register

Sometimes you may want to save a copy of an existing risk register to reuse on another project.  This can be accomplished by using the risk register tool.

The tool also allows for the use of risk register templates.  For example, you can create a generic risk register with standard categories.  Using the Save As function, the template can be saved as a new risk register.

Using the Save As Function

Click the Risk Register button on the Simulation Master ribbon menu.

The risk register form will appear.  Select the risk register you want to copy in the drop-down box.

When an existing risk register is selected, the Save As button will appear.

Click the Save As button.  The Save As form will appear.  In the workbook drop-down box, you can save the risk register to the current workbook or a new workbook.  In our example, we'll save it to a new workbook.

Enter a name for the risk register copy and click Save.

The copy of the risk register will appear in a new workbook.