The HIDERV Function

HIDERV is a worksheet function that prevents random variable functions (functions starting with RV) from being recorded on the simulation data sheet.

The function is entered in a cell as follows:

=HIDERV(RV function)

An example is =HIDERV(RVNORMAL(10,1)).  When a simulation is run, this variable will not be recorded in the simulation data sheet.  Note: This does not disable the random variable function, it will still generate samples for the simulation.

Example Model and Simulation

To better illustrate the HIDERV function, we'll use a simple model.  The model has three random variables in cells A1:A3.  The output of the model is the sum of these variables and is located in cell A5.

The random variable in cell A1 has the HIDERV wrapper function.  After simulating the model, we get the following simulation data sheet.

Notice that the values of the random variables in cells A2 and A3 are recorded, but A1 is not.