Creating a Summary Report

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A summary report contains summary statistics of a simulation, any probability analyses, and the option to add charts of output.  A summary report can be created in two ways:

  1. From the simulation results window after a simulation has been run.
  2. From the analyze existing data set window for a simulation that has been run previously.

The report creation is the same for both and we will  start by showing how to get to the report creation form and how to create the report itself.

Create a Report from Simulation Results Window

Once a simulation has completed, the simulation results window will appear as shown below.  Clicking the Create Report button will hide the simulation results window and show the create report form.

Create a Report from Existing Simulation Data Set

To create a summary report from a previous simulation, click on the Analyze Existing Data Set button on the ribbon.  In our case, a simulation data sheet already exists (Sheet2).

Enter the histogram settings and then select the simulation data sheet in the drop down box.  In this case, Sheet2 contains simulation data that was run at an earlier time.

After selecting Sheet2, the summary statistics and histogram for the data set will appear.  To create the summary report by clicking the Create Report button.

Creating the Summary Report

By clicking the Create Report button from either locations described above, the create report form will appear.  The report title will appear at the top of the report and chart title will appear on any charts that are included in the report.

When everything is ready, click OK to create the report.

The report will be created on a new worksheet.