Creating a Correlation Report

Simulation Master Tutorials > Creating a Correlation Report

After a simulation has been run we can create a correlation report that shows the Pearson and Spearman rank correlation coefficients for each input variable with output.  We can also include tornado charts of the correlation coefficients.

Click the Correlation Report button on the ribbon.

The correlation report form will appear.

There is one simulation data sheet in the workbook (Sheet1) so we select it in the drop-down box.  The input variables drop-down box will be populated with all input variables contained in the simulation data sheet.  We can select variables to add to the report individually or select all.

The selected variables will appear in the listbox.  Variables can be removed from the report by selecting them in the listbox and clicking the Remove Variable button.

When everything is ready, click the Create button to generate the report.  The report is placed in a new worksheet and is shown below.