Repairing Missing and Broken Connections

If a connector is missing or not connected to a node it can be restored using the Repair Connectors tool.  If the connector exists in the diagram it's format will be maintained when redrawn.  If the connector is missing it will be redrawn to the default connector format.

In the diagram below the connector between nodes 1.1 and 2.1 is missing.  The connector to node 3.1 is disconnected.

To repair the connectors, click on the Repair Connectors button in the ribbon.

The diagram below shows the repaired connectors.  Note that the disconnected connector's formatting was retained and the missing connector was redrawn to the default connector format.

Repairing Missing or Corrupted Nodes

Nodes shapes that are missing or corrupted can be repaired using the Regenerate Nodes tool.  Nodes that were deleted using the Edit Node window cannot be recovered since their data was removed from the worksheet.  The Regenerate Nodes tool restores node shapes that were manually deleted or nodes with images that have been ungrouped.

In the diagram below, node 3.3 is missing and node 1.1 is ungrouped from its image.

To restore the nodes, click on the Regenerate Nodes button in the ribbon.

The diagram below shows the regenerated nodes.  Since node 3.3 was missing, it was redrawn to the default shape format in Excel.  It will have to be formatted to match the other nodes.