Create A Structured Diagram

Diagram Master Tutorials > Create A Structured Diagram

To create a structured diagram go to the Diagram Master tab and click on the New Diagram button.

The New Diagram window will appear.  You can set properties for the diagram in this window or just give the diagram a name and create the diagram.  Diagram settings can be changed at any time.

The Shape & Size tab allows for setting each node to be the same shape and sizing of the nodes.

The connectors tab contains settings for the connector type and routing.  Ordered routing will connect to the nodes according to the connection points.  Shortest routing will route the connectors on the shortest path between nodes.

The layout tab contains auto arrange settings.  The diagram can be auto arranged in three orientations:

  1. Left to right.
  2. Top to bottom.
  3. Radial.

To create the diagram, click the Create Diagram button.  A new worksheet will be created and the Add Node window will appear.

Once the Draw Node button is clicked, the new node will appear in the upper left of the worksheet.

Adding Additional Nodes

To add nodes to a diagram, click on the Add Node button in the ribbon.

The Add Node window will appear.  The Properties tab is where node level, node shape, and node data is entered.  To link the node data to cells in the workbook, refer to the tutorial on linking data to nodes.

The connections tab is used to make connections to other nodes.  An incoming connection is where the connector starts at the other node and ends at this node.  An outgoing connection starts at this node and ends at the other node.

To add a connection, select the node to connect to in either the incoming or outgoing connection drop down box.  Then click the Add button.

The connection will now appear in the Incoming Connections box.  To remove a connection, select the connection and click the Remove button.

An image can be added to the node using the Image tab.  Click the Add Image button.  A file dialog will appear.  Select the image file you want to add.  A preview of the image will appear.

Images are added to nodes as a square.  To avoid image distortion, crop images to a square prior to adding them to nodes.  The image below is not cropped to a square.  Note how the height is stretched to fit a square once the node is created.

Once everything is ready, click the Draw Node button to finish.  If the auto arrange setting is turned on, the nodes will be arranged in the worksheet.  If it is turned off, the node will appear in the upper left of the worksheet.