Create A Mind Map

Diagram Master Tutorials > Create A Mind Map

To create a mind map go to the Diagram Master tab and click on the New Mind Map button.

The New Mind Map window will appear.  You can set properties for the diagram in this window or just give the diagram a name and create the diagram.  Diagram settings can be changed at any time.

The Shape & Size tab allows for setting each node to be the same shape and sizing of the nodes.

To create the diagram, click the Create Diagram button.  A new worksheet will be created and the Add Node window will appear.

Select the node shape and enter node name and note.  Once the Draw Node button is clicked, the new node will appear in the upper left of the worksheet.

You can keep adding nodes, however each time you add a node after the first node, you will be asked to identify a node's parent.  A mind map is constructed on a one to many concept where each node has only one parent but can have many children.

Diagram Master - Mind Map Add Node with Parent

To arrange a mind map depends on the diagram settings.  If the click to edit feature was set to "on" when the diagram was created do one of the following:

  1. Press the Alt button and click on the node.  Release the Alt button and drag the node to the desired location.
  2. Right click on the node, then click somewhere on the worksheet.  Then drag the node to the desired location.

If the click to edit feature is set to "off" you can click on a node and drag it to the desired location.