A Powerful Diagramming Tool in Your Spreadsheet

Diagram Master is a diagramming add-in that quickly builds structured, and free form Excel® diagrams.

Need to create a mind map, process diagram, or org chart?  How about a work breakdown structure?  What if you could link data from a database or spreadsheet to your diagram?  You can do it with Diagram Master.

Diagram Master creates two types of Excel diagrams depending on your needs.  These diagram types are created and edited using separate groups in the Excel ribbon menu.

  • Structured diagrams.
  • Mind maps.

The structured diagram has all features, and is used for complex, data-linked node diagrams.  It is the most powerful form of diagramming in Excel, without having to manually update linked data in each node.  As data is changed, one-click on the ribbon will update all nodes.

The mind map is intentionally stripped down to create a simple way of generating mind maps that doesn't slow down your brainstorming process.  This simplicity keeps the ideas flowing while being able to document them at the same time.  Don't worry though, because a mind map can be converted to a structured diagram.  After you're done creating the mind map, conversion to a structured diagram will allow you to take advantage of the enhanced features.

Diagram layout and appearance is easily modified using Diagram Master tools and Excel’s native formatting.  Copying and pasting your diagram to another application such as PowerPoint® is easy, and allows you to communicate with others who don't have Diagram Master installed.

Many of the diagrams created in Visio® can be created using Diagram Master at a fraction of the cost.  Be sure to check out the links in the Useful Information section below to find out more about using Diagram Master.

Example Excel Diagrams

Mind Map
Data Linked Diagram
Org Chart
Mind Map
Process Flow

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How it Works

Choose the diagram type.  Diagram Master has two diagram types: mind maps and structured diagrams.  A mind map is intentionally stripped down to allow for fast creation of mind maps while brainstorming.

A structured diagram contains more complex features such as auto arrangement and data linking to spreadsheet cells.  A mind map can be converted to a structured diagram to take advantage of these features.

Create the diagram.  The new diagram window allows for diagram settings to be entered before starting the diagram or you can change them later with the diagram settings window.

Add nodes.  Nodes and connectors can be quickly added using the add node window.

Arrange the diagram.  Structured diagrams can be auto-arranged using top to bottom, left to right, or radial orientations.  You can always drag nodes into position as well.

Format the diagram.  Using the Diagram Master selection tools you can select all nodes or all connectors.  Nodes and connectors can be formatted using Excel's native formatting tools.

Edit nodes.  Node data, shapes and connections can be edited with the edit node window.  Diagram Master also has a click to edit feature where clicking on a node will show the edit node window.



Orientation: Horizontal, vertical, radial or freeform.

Auto arrange feature to layout diagram.

Node levels for hierarchical diagramming and arranging nodes.

Images can be inserted into nodes.

Data in nodes can be linked to cells in a spreadsheet.  Those cells can be linked to an external data source such as a database.

Nodes can be auto sized to fit text, auto sized with aspect ratio, sized to predefined size, or scaled.

Hide by node level, hide individual nodes, or show only a selected node and its descendants.

Nodes can have multiple parents, such as dotted line reporting in an org chart.

Click to edit feature.  Clicking on a node opens editing form.

Node data and connections can be sent to a report in a new worksheet or new workbook.

Create mind maps as fast as you can think.



Mind map.
Org chart with images.
Sales report by territory.
Sales report by product line.
PERT network.
Decision tree.
Influence diagram.
Call center script.
Self-service troubleshooting diagram.
Functional flow block diagram.
Product breakdown structure.
Work breakdown structure.
Risk breakdown structure.
Requirements allocation.
Reliability block diagram.
Referenced data diagram.
And much more...

Useful Information

You can download the Diagram Master user manual from the following link.

>User Manual

The following link downloads a workbook containing Excel diagrams for various applications.

>Application Examples

There are tutorials available for learning how to create Excel diagrams with Diagram Master.


Check out these videos on using Diagram Master.

>Video - Diagram Master Overview
>Video - Create a Mind Map
>Video - Create a Structured Diagram
>Video - Layout Tools
>Video - Diagram Formatting


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