Pressure Head Conversion

MEboost has a pressure head conversion tool that converts pressure to head or head to pressure.  We'll cover the underlying theory of pressure head conversion and how this conversion is easily done in MEboost.

Conversion Equation

Head is the fluid height equivalent to pressure.  In other words, head is the height of a fluid column that will result in a given pressure at the bottom of the column.  The relationship between pressure and head is shown below for SI and US customary units.

Note that we've assumed earth's gravitational acceleration and gravitational conversion constant.  MEboost makes this assumption as well.

Once the conversion from head to pressure, or vice versa, is made; we can easily convert to the desired units of pressure or head.

Making Conversions in MEboost

To make a conversion in MEboost, click on the Pressure - Head button on the MEboost ribbon.

The Pressure - Head Conversion form will appear as shown below.

To illustrate how to use the tool, we use an example.  Suppose we have water that is 30 meters high and is assumed to be 4 deg. C.  We want to know the pressure at an elevation of zero in psi.


The densities for water at 4 deg. C and 60 deg. F are available for selection.  If one of these densities is selected, the density box will be populated for the selected units.  If you have a different fluid, you can enter the density manually.  For our example, we select water at 4 deg. C.  A density of 1000 kg per cubic meter appears.


Since we want to know pressure in psi, we select the PSI button.


The fluid height is in meters so the meters button is selected.


First, select the type of conversion.  We know head and need to convert to pressure.  Therefore, we select head to pressure.  Finally, we enter head in the top box.

The populated form is shown below.

Once everything is entered correctly, clicking the Convert button will show the conversion in the lower box.  In our example pressure is 42.68 psi.

The pressure - head tool provides a quick and easy way to convert between pressure and head.  This is especially handy when dealing with mixed units.