MEboost Trial Version Notes

The MEboost trial version has the functionality of the full version except for the following limitations:

  • Mohr’s Circle: Values limited to [-10,10].
  • Beam Diagrams: Limited to one load, and beam length up to 50.
  • Fatigue Diagram: Soderberg line only.
  • Load Plot: Limited to 500 data points.
  • Preprocessing: Limited to 500 data points.
  • Fatigue Damage: Limited to 1000 data points.
  • Sheet Metal: Limited to one bend in each direction.
  • Tolerance Analysis: Limited to two inner parts and one outer part.
  • Tolerance Calculator: Triangular distribution only.
  • Shaft Design: Limited to shaft length up to 5" or .127 m.
  • Gear Forces: Limited to spur gears.
  • Planetary Gear Train: Limited to one configuration.
  • Vibration: Mass and spring constant limited to (0,1], damping coefficient limited to [0,1].
  • Hydraulics> Pump/Motor: Limited to flow rate and pressure rise/drop.
  • Hydraulics> Cylinder:  Limited to extend force and pressure.
  • Hydraulics> Fluid Velocity: Line ID units limited to inches, flow rate units limited to cubic inches/sec.
  • Affinity Laws: Charts limited to generic values.
  • System Curve: Pump curves are disabled.
  • Unit Conversion: Limited to length, area, power.
  • Integration: Limited to single integrals.

There is no time limit for the trial version.