MEboost Product Update History

This page lists the product update history for MEboost. You can determine if your product is the latest version by checking the build number in the About form. Mark numbers are major product updates.

Mark 1

Release date: 2/19/2019

Build number: 19.02.01


  • Initial release.

Mark 2

Release date: 7/27/2019

Build number: 19.07.07


  • Added beam diagram tool.
  • Added tolerance calculator.
  • Added system curve tool.
  • Added pressure-head tool.
  • Added integration tool.
  • Fatigue Diagram> Added operating point to chart.
  • Monte Carlo Tolerance Analysis> Added uniform distribution.
  • Monte Carlo Tolerance Analysis> Improved output speed.
  • Monte Carlo Tolerance> Added probability grab bars.
  • Monte Carlo Tolerance> Disable adding parts until a model is selected or new model created.
  • Vibration> Added range of damping coefficients with multiple curves.
  • Mohr> Added option for plane strain.
  • Fatigue Damage> Added options for linear, semi-log, or log-log interpolation of S-N data.
  • Various bug fixes.


Mark 2.1

Release date: 2/4/2020

Build number: 20.02.02


  • RSS Tolerance Analysis> When both minimum and maximum stack heights are specified, shows total reject rate in results.
  • RSS Tolerance Analysis> Reject/acceptance rate at minimum stack height was reversed.
  • RSS Tolerance Analysis> Clarified reject rate descriptions in results.  Changed from “Rejection rate at minimum stack height, %” to “Rejection rate <= minimum stack height, %”.  Changed from "Rejection rate at maximum stack height, %" to "Rejection rate >= maximum stack height, %".

Mark 3

Release date: 3/9/2020

Build number: 20.03.02


  • Added shaft design tool.
  • Added combined stress calculator.
  • Added update links tool for integration worksheet functions.
  • Mohr> Added maximum out of plane shear stress.
  • Tolerance Calculator> Allow user to specify sigma range or set tolerance limits. Calculate rejection rate based on selection.
  • Affinity Laws> Plot power on a secondary axis to better show curve.
  • Fatigue diagram> Added ASME elliptic curve.
  • Fatigue Diagram> Allow for negative mean stress.

Mark 3.1

Release date: 5/29/2020

Build number: 20.05.04


  • Added hydraulics calculators for pumps/motors, cylinders, and fluid velocity.

Mark 4

Release date: 8/17/2020

Build number: 20.07.25


  • Added gear forces tool.
  • Added planetary gear train tool.

Mark 5

Release date: 4/30/2021

Build number: 21.04.09


  • Added four bar synthesis tool.
  • Added slider crank synthesis tool.
  • Added four bar classification tool.
  • Added four bar analysis tool.
  • Added slider crank analysis tool.
  • Improved handling of decimal comma.
  • Fixed an issue for some machines that would cause an error when checking for the Excel version.
  • Minor bug fixes.