MEboost Features

How Does It Work?

MEboost is installed with Excel as an add-in.  It creates a new tab on the Excel ribbon from which you can access each module.

  • Each item has a user form interface that guides you through the process.  Enter your data and let it do the work.
  • Most items allow for the creation of a report in a new worksheet, or to paste the results in an existing worksheet.
  • All charts are native Excel charts.  This means you can edit them to fit your needs.

Strength of Materials

Mohr's Circle

Generation of Mohr's circle chart for plane stress.  Calculates principal stresses, maximum shear, and principal plane angle.

Generation of Mohr's circle chart for plane strain.  Calculates principal strains, maximum shear strain/2, and principal plane angle.

Combined Stress

The combined stress calculator determines Von Mises, principal, and maximum shear stresses for a body under plane stress.

Beam Diagrams

Easily create shear, moment, and deflection diagrams for statically determinate beams.

Fatigue Diagrams

Charts for Goodman, Soderberg, Gerber, ASME elliptic, and yield lines.  You can also plot the operating point on the chart.

Stress Life Fatigue Analysis

Create load plots in seconds.

The preprocessing tool filters loading data to remove non-peak and non-valley data.

The fatigue damage tool performs stress life analysis:

• Load cycle counts using the rainflow counting algorithm.

• Cumulative fatigue damage using Miner's rule.

Mechanical Design

Sheet Metal Flat Blank Calculator

Generate flat blank dimensions in up to two directions.  Create a report in a worksheet listing bend line locations.

Tolerance Analysis

Root Sum Squared Use RSS tolerance analysis to determine rejection rate for 1D dimension chains.

Worst Case  Use worst case analysis to determine minimum and maximum stack dimension or clearance for 1D/2D/3D dimension chains.

Monte Carlo Simulation  Each part's dimension is a random variable that allows for calculation of assembly dimension (or clearance) probabilities of 1D/2D/3D dimension chains.

Tolerance Calculator Determine dimension tolerance limits based on range of standard deviations.

Shaft Design

MEboost includes a comprehensive shaft design tool.  Easily generate numerous design charts and calculations.  You can refine designs in seconds.  Spend more time designing and less time calculating.

  • Static stress
  • Deflection and slope
  • Stress-life fatigue analysis
  • Critical speed calculation

Kinematics & Dynamics

Linkage Synthesis

Synthesize four bar and all inversions of the slider crank linkages.  The synthesis tools support crank angle timing.

The following types of synthesis are available:

• Path

• Function

• Motion

Linkage Analysis

You can perform kinematic analysis of four bar and all inversions of slider crank linkages.  Numerous charts for position, velocity, and acceleration can be created.

Gear Forces

Calculate shaft loads created by gear mesh.  Five types of gears:

• Spur

• Helical

• Straight bevel

• Spiral bevel

• Worm

Planetary Gear Trains

Calculate gear and carrier speeds in common planetary gear trains.  12 planetary configurations available.

Vibration Analysis

Generate transmissibility chart for forced vibration.  Report shows natural frequency of system and damping ratio.  This is especially useful for rotating equipment.



Three hydraulics calculators:

  • Pump and motor calculator
  • Cylinder calculator
  • Fluid velocity calculator

Affinity Laws

The affinity laws tool has two parts:

Calculator  Enter values from a known operating point to determine head, flow rate, or power for a different operating point.

Charts  Generate charts that plot head, flow rate, and power versus varying shaft speed and impeller diameter.

System Curve

Given a known operating point, a system curve can be plotted along with up to four pump curves.  A combined pump curve in series or parallel can be automatically created as well.

Bernoulli Equation

The Bernoulli equation tool allows for calculation of an unknown value given information at another point in a streamline.  A report of the results can be generated.

Pressure - Head Conversion Tool

Convert pressure to head and vice versa.  Mixed units are no problem.


Unit Conversion Tool

Convert most commonly used units without leaving Excel.


Estimate definite integrals up to four dimensions (quadruple integrals) using Monte Carlo simulation.


If you don't like memorizing the user manual, don't worry.  There is built in help to guide you along.

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