Mechanical Engineering Tools in Excel

You’ve got a deadline coming up.  The design is still being refined and the endless calculations are becoming a drain.  Instead of focusing on the design, you’re mired in calculations, graphs, and making that presentation for the design review. 

MEboost can help.

  • Imagine a tool where you can alter your design variables and get results in seconds.  MEboost allows you to do this and more!
  • Run calculations in seconds which means you can easily iterate your designs and zero in on the best solution.
  • Eliminate time spent building and debugging calculation models.
  • Quickly generate reports so you aren’t wasting your time working on charts and report formatting.
  • Easy to use interface allows you to use it even if you aren’t an Excel expert. If you are an expert, everything is native Excel which means you can modify charts to the format you choose.
  • Become a star with your boss and colleagues!


MEboost is an Excel add-in and has several modules covering a wide range of mechanical engineering areas.

Strength of materials

    • Mohr's circle
    • Combined stress calculator
    • Beam diagrams
    • Fatigue diagram
    • Spectral loading analysis for fatigue

Mechanical design

    • Sheet metal flat blank calculator
    • RSS, worst case, Monte Carlo tolerance analysis
    • Shaft design
    • Gear force and planetary gear trains
  • Dynamics

    • Vibration


  • Hydraulic pump/motor, cylinder and fluid velocity
  • Pump affinity laws
  • System curve
  • Bernoulli equation calculator
  • Pressure to head calculator


  • Unit conversion
  • Estimate definite integrals with Monte Carlo simulation

100% Excel

MEboost runs 100% inside Excel in an environment with which you are already comfortable.  All reports and charts are Excel native objects allowing you to edit them for communication with colleagues.


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  • $99 for single user permanent license.
  • You can immediately download MEboost to get started right away.
  • Includes one year of product support.  For support, visit the Support page.
  • Includes one year of product updates.
  • Volume discounts available.
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System Requirements

Excel: 2007 to 2019, Office 365 desktop. 32 and 64 bit versions.

Windows: Vista to Windows 10. 32 and 64 bit versions.

Excel for Mac not supported at this time.



MEboost User Manual

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