Diagram Layout with Diagram Master

This video demonstrates how to achieve diagram layout using the layout tools in Diagram Master.  Diagram Master is an Excel add-in for creating node based diagrams.  For more information, visit the Diagram Master product page.

Topics Covered

This video includes how to auto arrange the diagram.  Auto arrange can automatically arrange the diagram in one of three orientations:

  1. Top to bottom
  2. Left to right
  3. Radial

The arrange diagram button is used to restore a layout to the auto arrange settings.

The saved arrangement feature is used to store a diagram layout that can be restored if the diagram is temporarily rearranged.


This video demonstrates how use the structured diagram layout tools of Diagram Master.  To assist the user in laying out nodes in a pre-arranged manner, we can use the auto arrange feature.  There are three orientations available, top to bottom, left to right and radial.

Demonstration of Layouts

Auto arrange is turned on and off using the Diagram Settings button on the ribbon.  When the form is opened, click the layout tab.  Click the auto arrange button to turn on auto arrange.

We can set node spacing and diagram margins from this form.  I will demonstrate each orientation.

Arrange Diagram Button

When the auto arrange setting is on, if one or more nodes are moved the diagram can be auto arranged using the arrange diagram button.

Saved Arrangement Group

The saved arrangement group is used to store a diagram arrangement and works with both structured diagrams and mind maps.  This can be an alternate arrangement or just used to restore an arrangement after temporarily moving nodes for a presentation.

Clicking the set arrangement button will save the current node positions.  To restore the node positions to the last saved arrangement, click the Redraw Diagram button.

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