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DTace has utilities to repair nodes and connectors as well as updating the link between Excel and the DTace add-in.  This tutorial will show how to use these tools.

Repair Connectors

If connectors are accidentally deleted or disconnected from nodes, the repair connectors tool will repair the connections.

NOTE: If a connector's formatting was different than Excel's default format and was deleted, the restored connector will be formatted according to the default format.

In the tree below, one connector has been deleted, and another has been disconnected.

To restore the connectors, click the Repair Connectors button on the ribbon.

The connectors are now restored.  Note that the deleted connector is restored using the default format so it will have to be reformatted to match the other connectors.

Regenerate Nodes

If nodes or their text boxes are accidentally deleted, they can be restored using the regenerate nodes tool.

Note: If a node is deleted using the edit node form, it cannot be restored.  The regenerate nodes tool only restores nodes that were deleted directly in the tree.

Note: If a node's formatting was different from the Excel default formatting, it will be restored with the default formatting.

The tree below has had node End 1 deleted and Chance 2 text box deleted.

To regenerate the nodes, click the Regenerate Nodes button on the ribbon.

The nodes are now regenerated as shown below.

Update Links

When a decision tree is created in a workbook, Excel creates a link between the workbook and the DTace add-in on the current machine.  When the workbook is opened on another machine with DTace installed, you may get a message that links could not be updated.

Click the Don’t Update button to close the message.  Then click the Update Links button on the DTace ribbon.  This utility will update the link to the current machine.

The following conditions must be met for update links to work properly:

  • Do not break the links using the Edit Links tool in the Excel ribbon.
  • Do not rename the DTace add-in file. Its name should be "DTace.xlam".
  • Sheets that are not tree diagrams cannot be protected.