Node Settings

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The Nodes page of the settings form is used to control text, node size, and the click to edit setting.  The Nodes page is shown below.

Show On Node

Text fields and their associated labels can be hidden or shown by checking the fields and labels you want to show.

Text Placement

For each node there are two text boxes placed next to the node.  One is for user entered data such as name.  This text box can be located to the left or above the node.  The second text box is for calculated values such as expected value.  This text box can be located to the right or below the node.

The text placement setting will place the text boxes either to the left and right of the node or at the top and bottom.

Node Height and Width

All nodes have the same height and width.  This setting controls node size by entering the size in points.  A point is 1/72 of an inch.

Text Offset from Node

Text offset is the distance of the text box from the nearest edge of the node.

Edit Node Window Opened By Clicking On Node

Node data is edited by opening the Edit Node window.  This window can be opened from the ribbon and selecting the node to edit.  When this setting is turned on, the edit node window can be opened by clicking on a node.  The node will be selected when the window opens.

If you are manually dragging nodes to arrange the tree, it is best to turn this setting off.  Pressing the alt button and then clicking on a node will temporarily disable the click to edit function and nodes will snap to cells when dragging.


Do not press the ctrl button and drag a node.  This will create a copy of the node and will potentially result in errors.