Node Order

The Node Order page of the settings form is used to control the order nodes appear within their node level.  Changing node level only works when auto arrange is turned on.  See the tree layout tutorial for more information about auto arrange.  The Node Order page is shown below.

We will be working with the decision tree shown below.

We want to reverse the order of decision 1 and chance 1.  These nodes are on node level 1 so we will select node level 1 in the drop-down box.  The nodes on the selected level will appear in the node order box.

To change the node order, select Chance 1 in the node order box, and click the up arrow button.  Chance 1 will now be the first node in the list.

Click the Apply button and the tree will look like the image below.

At this point the tree is pretty messy.  Fortunately there is a tool to clean it up.  Click the Sort Nodes button on the ribbon.

The nodes on node levels higher than 1 will be sorted so they are next to their parent nodes.  The tree will now look like below.