Sort Nodes

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The sort nodes tool rearranges nodes so they are ordered next to their parent nodes.  This avoids connectors crossing over each other.  The auto arrange tree setting must be turned on to use this tool.  For more information about auto arrange, refer to the tree layout settings tutorial.

Let's say we are in the process of creating a decision tree as shown below and auto arrange is turned on.

We're not done adding nodes, so we'll add an end node called End 3.

Notice that the new node is on level 2 because its parent is on level 1.  The new node is placed at the bottom of level 2 because it was the last node added for that level.  Because of this, the connectors cross each other and the arrangement does not look clean.

To fix this, we use the sort nodes tool.  Click the Sort Nodes button on the ribbon.

After sorting the nodes, the tree looks like below.