Saved Arrangement

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The saved arrangement tool allows a tree layout to be saved, and restored later.  This allows the tree to be rearranged temporarily and then restored to the saved arrangement.

If auto arrange is used, and no nodes are moved from the auto arrange position, then the saved arrangement tool is not needed.

Suppose we have a decision tree shown below.  Nodes End 4 and End 5 where moved from the auto arrange position for a better look.  This is the layout we want to save.

To save the layout, click the Set Arrangement button on the ribbon.


The workbook must be saved to keep the saved arrangement.


Now let's suppose we want to rearrange the tree so all end nodes are aligned as shown below.

Redraw Tree

The redraw tree tool will redraw the decision tree according to the last saved arrangement.  Warning: If there is no saved arrangement, all nodes will be placed at the upper left corner of the worksheet.

To restore the tree above to the saved arrangement, click the Redraw Button on the ribbon.

The tree layout is now restored to the saved arrangement.