Create a Node Report

DTace Tutorials > Create a Node Report

This tutorial covers how to create a node report.  Start by clicking the Create Report button on the ribbon.

The Create Report form will appear.

Node Levels to Include in Report

Node levels can be filtered out by selecting the lowest and highest level to include in the report.  To include all nodes, check the "Include all node levels" check box.  For more information on node levels, refer to the decision tree basics tutorial.

Sorting Method

There are four ways to sort the fields in the report.

  • By node ID
  • By node level
  • By node type
  • By node name (alphabetical)

Report Location

Select where the report will be created.  The report can be created in a new workbook or a new worksheet in the current workbook.

For this tutorial we will include all nodes, sort by node level, and create the report in this workbook.  The report is shown below.