Referencing Node Data

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Node data (node name, probability, and value) can be referenced to cells in the same workbook as the decision tree.  This tutorial shows how to reference data.

Referencing Procedure

The first step is to populate cells in the workbook that contains the node data as shown below.  Range AK2 to AM5 contain data for the end nodes.  Other nodes can reference data but we will focus on end nodes for this tutorial.

To reference the cells where the data resides, edit each end node.  Open the Edit Node form and select one of the end nodes.  Next to each data text box, click the minimize button.  Note, data can be referenced when a node is added.  For this tutorial, we will use an existing tree and the edit node tool.

The Edit Node form will be hidden and a selector box will appear.

Select the cell that contains the data and click OK.

The Edit Node form will reappear with the referenced cell address in the text box.  Repeat this for each data field and save the changes.

Repeat this procedure for all other nodes that will have referenced data.

Updating Nodes When Cell Contents Change

When the contents of the cells containing referenced data change, the decision tree text will not be updated until the Refresh Text button is clicked on the ribbon.  In the example below, cell AK2 has been changed to "High product demand" from "High demand".  The node data still shows "High demand".

When all changes to cell contents have been made, click the Refresh Text button on the ribbon to update the node text.  If automatic calculation is turned off, recalculate before refreshing text.

The node text and cell text should match as shown below.  Note that the refresh text procedure is the same for probability and value data.