Editing Nodes

Once a node has been added you may need to make changes.  This can easily be done with DTace's node editing tools.  This tutorial will cover how to make changes to existing nodes.

There are two ways to open the Edit Node form:

  1. Click the Edit Node button on the DTace tab of the ribbon and select the node to edit.
  2. Turn on "click to edit" setting and click on the node.

We will cover both methods in this tutorial.

Editing Via the Ribbon

To open the Edit Node form from the ribbon, click Edit Node on the ribbon.

The Edit Node form will appear.  Select the node to edit from the drop-down box.  The box contains node ID and node name for identification.

Once a node is selected, the current node type, parent and data will appear in the form.  These items can be changed as needed.  Once the changes are made click the Save Changes button.

Click to Edit

Click to edit allows you to click on a node and the Edit Node form will appear with the clicked node's information showing in the form.

To use click to edit, it must be turned on using Tree Settings.  Click the Tree Settings button on the ribbon and the Tree Settings form will appear.  In the "Edit Node Window By Clicking On Node" frame, select the On button and click the Apply button.  Close the Tree Settings form.

When you click on a node shape, the Edit Node form should appear.