Diagram Master Overview

This video is an overview of the features of Diagram Master. Diagram Master is an Excel add-in for creating a node based Excel diagram. For more information, visit the Diagram Master product page.

Topics Covered

The structured diagram group on the ribbon is explained for the creation of structured node diagrams such as tree diagrams, org charts and flow charts.

The mind map group on the ribbon is explained for the creation of mind maps and simple free form diagrams.

The selection tools group in the ribbon is explained for easy selection of node and connectors.  This is used for mass formatting.  The select all button is used for copying the entire diagram to other applications such as Power Point.

The saved arrangement group in the ribbon is explained for saving an arrangement that can be restored after temporarily modifying the diagram layout.

The utilities group in the ribbon is explained for repairing deleted or disconnected diagram elements.


In this video I’m going to provide an overview of Diagram Master.  Diagram Master is an Excel add-in to create node based diagrams.  Check out our other videos for more in-depth discussion on using the software.

There are two main modules, the structured diagram and the mind map.  The structured diagram has more features such as data linking to spreadsheets, auto arrangement of nodes and reporting capabilities.

The mind map module is purposely stripped down to allow for fast creation of nodes.  This is useful when brainstorming to allow the user to focus on ideas and not on diagram creation.

A mind map can easily be converted to a structured diagram by clicking the Convert button on the ribbon.

Structured Diagram Group

The structured diagram group contains buttons used to create and edit diagrams.  A node report can be generated that will contain node data as well as any relationships with other nodes.

Mind Map Group

The mind map group contains buttons used to create and edit mind maps.

Selection Tools Group

The selection tools work with both structured diagrams and mind maps.  These are useful for selecting all objects when copying the diagram to a PowerPoint presentation for example.  It’s also useful for dragging the entire diagram in the worksheet.

The select all nodes and select all connectors are useful for changing the format of the entire diagram.

Saved Arrangement

The saved arrangement group is used to store a diagram arrangement and works with both diagram types.  This can be an alternate arrangement or just used to restore an arrangement after temporarily moving nodes for a presentation.

Clicking the set arrangement button will save the current node positions.  To restore the node positions to the last saved arrangement, click the Redraw Diagram button.

Utilities Group

Nodes and connectors should be deleted by using the edit node forms in the software.  If a node or connector is selected and deleted manually, they can be restored using tools in the Utilities group.  The tools in this group work with both diagram types.

If connectors have become disconnected or accidently deleted, the Repair Connectors tool will restore them.  Note that deleted connectors will be restored to the default format and any custom formatting will have to be reapplied.

If a node has been manually deleted, the Regenerate Nodes tool can attempt to restore any missing nodes.  Note that any custom formatting of the node may be lost during regeneration and will have to be reapplied when finished.

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