Creating a Mind Map with Diagram Master

This video demonstrates how to create a mind map in Excel using Diagram Master. Diagram Master is an Excel add-in for creating node based diagrams. For more information, visit the Diagram Master product page.


This video demonstrates how to create a mind map using Diagram Master.

Create a Diagram Worksheet

First we start by creating a diagram worksheet.  Click the New Map button on the ribbon.  The new mind map form will appear and you can set diagram settings or you can just enter a sheet name and start creating the mind map.

We’ll just show the node name and turn off the click to edit function so we can move nodes around.  Clicking on the shape & size tab we can set all nodes to be rounded rectangles and auto size with a 0.5 aspect ratio.

Add Node

Once the diagram worksheet is created, the add node form will appear.  Node information is entered and we can keep creating nodes as needed.  A node can only have one parent, but may have many child nodes.

Insert root, two child nodes, and two sub-nodes.

Now let’s arrange the nodes.

The connectors can be cleaned up by clicking the Reroute button on the ribbon.

We can add more nodes.

Insert two sub-nodes.

Edit Node

A node can be edited two ways.

Clicking on the edit node button and selecting the node from the drop down box.

The second way is to turn on the click to edit function in mind map settings.  Click the Mind Map Settings button to open the settings form.

When click to edit is turned on, you can click on a node and the edit node form will appear with the node already selected.

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