Decision and Risk Analysis Software

Vortarus Technologies is a technology company that specializes in developing Excel add-ins for decision and risk analysis.  Our products target financial, project management, and engineering applications.

Simulation Master

Simulation Master is an Excel add in that performs Monte Carlo simulation.  Analyze risk, simulate a project schedule and much more!

Decision and risk analysis - Simulation Master


Build and analyze decision trees within Excel.  A powerful decision analysis tool to take your strategies to the next level.

Decision and risk analysis - DTace

Diagram Master

Create a wide variety of diagrams in Microsoft Excel ranging from simple mind maps to complex, data linked structures.

Decision and risk analysis - Diagram Master

Decision and risk analysis is at the heart of our products.  By framing decisions and analyzing their risks, you can gain better insights into the future of your business.  All of this can be done in Microsoft Excel.  Deployment and sharing is easy which allows for greater communication among your team.

Our philosophy is to build user friendly products at a price that allows justification even for occasional use.  We strive to develop our products with ease of use while providing the value that allows you to succeed.

We also offer consulting services to build your simulation model or decision tree.  If you're not sure where to start, or want to outsource analysis, we can help.

Decision and risk analysis

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